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(Jan 24, 2018)
thoughts to a stranger who literally just stepped of a ledge:

Hi RST! First off, this was going around FB yesterday:
Could one friend please copy and re-post? We are trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.

Just one person makes a difference

So First Off:
You WERE heard. I saw your post as I was headed to bed & sent supportive energy your way.

Tim has this great interview with Adam Robinson who has some practical insights on suicidal depression and the conversation weaves that direction.

Adam has come out the other side & his twitter is full of enthusiastic life.

Search Tim’s blog for “suicide”, you’ll find a couple deeper dives.

Build your support team. Find a great counselor.

Your “break glass in case of emergency” lever is getting triggered when you’re not days atop Mt Everest, broken leg, intense pain, wolves looming. We can’t fix the faulty sensor, but we CAN:

! create many alternative neuropathways!
! install pre-pre-pre warning systems!
! amass so many tools to deploy at the pre pre pre stages that we successfully avert that neuropathway!
! develop Self-Loving, Self-Caring, Self-Empowerment so strongly that even if the lever gets pulled, we have Best Self pulling from many directions back out of it!

I wish you all the success on your journey upward into your New Life. You have faced death and said “no thank you! I gots shit to do!”

I am SO proud of you!!

And here are some words for you to play with:

What would it feel like if I saw my worth as priceless?
What would I do if I felt Enough to overflowing?


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