Take It Global

Wild Word Seeds

There’s a Symbiotic Swag tshirt. 3 words crossed out to emphasize the 4th:


In a nearby conversation, talking around and about, the Owner stepped in encouraging Solution. I made an attempt at what I thought was being asked. The Owner said “here’s what I’m doing”. And proceeded to lay out exact Change Steps he was uniquely qualified and uniquely positioned to speak about to all the right people.

I slunk away. Seeing no such opportunity or voice in my tiny world at the moment.

My tv has been off for days. My space has been reorganized to minimize its presence. (I got rid of tv in 1995 when I realized I was a tv-addict. It “came with the room” in which I am now living, so I am revisiting this nonsense.)

Something compelled me to click it on.
Something compelled me to mis-type a channel.

I cried for hours at the binge laid before me.

5 of 7 Brothers in a home with Iyanla Vanzant.

I didn’t realize it was her at first. I’d bought her first book way back when – the colorful cover irresistible to my eyes. Unaware of her background in psychology.

The men came from a home that couldn’t even be described as broken. It was non-existent.

The crack addict mother had sent them to their father.
Their father abandon them.
They were separated. Wards of the state.
All abused as wards, homeless at various points, pain upon pain upon pain.

She took them one by one into their pain.
She gave them tools.
She worked with them as a group.
She left them to their own devices in the home. Things would escalate. She stepped in. Pulled them back to their tools. Taught them what happened, taught them the perspective of the other. Brought them out of the old and back to the Now.

She brought in the father, the sister, the mother. She worked with the whole family, save the one who had died, and the one who was in jail.

The whole time she spoke beyond their pain and patterns.
She spoke authentic truth after authentic truth.
Life altering phrase after life altering phrase.
She showed them love.
She taught them how.

I’ve seen “Not my Guru”. Tony was incredible. Iyanla blew past incredible just by standing in the room.

The “yes you will be crying again” ending, which was barely the beginning for all of them, showed the men in matching suits.

As a family they boys spoke truths their parents.
And then Iylana led the ceremony.

Each man was given a Diploma from the School Of Life. Acknowledging their coping skills transformed into their greatest gifts moving forward. And her vision of ways they could use them.

Everyone in this family still has a long road ahead. But the boys now have the boots and straps to bootstrap their lives.

And that, my dear friends, is a Solutionist positioned to take it global.

Several years ago I would write and talk about “The Solutionator” as a brain tool.

Symbiotic be like
“yeh, cool, now Take It As Global As Possible”.

Ok, ok. I think I get it now …