Fire and Sand

when shifting sands ignite

Image Credit – Michelle C. Basey combo of Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash and Photo by Daphne on Unsplash when shifting sands ignite presence meets the moment in a bittersweet array there is no time but now and in that time we find it all the all of everything right here right now there […]

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I never met you, but someone did.

I never met you, but someone did.

I never knew your valor, your fear, your wounds, or your struggle, but someone did.

I never knew your life, or even of your death, but someone did.

Someone knew you, someone cared, someone missed you when war ripped you from their arms of connection.

I don’t know how to honor your life this Memorial Day, but someone does. And I know you are deep in their hearts full of love, and perhaps still in their hearts mourning the loss of your presence.

So thank you for giving up your life when my country asked you to step into the Warrior’s Role and you met that challenge with everything you had.

(Memorial day thoughts spontaneously arose.) (end of article)

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The Day The Stars Disappeared

We looked to the sky, but all the stars had gone away.

The first call was to NASA. All sleeping.

The second call was forbidden. We knew this. But we needed data, so we dialed. The ringing engaged. It felt like a 1982 landline with no answering machine. Forever ringing to a non-responsive room on the other end of time.

“They weren’t expecting a call,” the cosmonaut’s thick accent surprising our ears.

“We’re sorry to disturb the important work going on,” Commander Gerome replied, “We have a bit of an alarming situation down here on earth. I realize you work for Russia but do you have a moment to check on something for us?”   . . .

crop of an Original Photo by:
Dimitri on Unsplash

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The Double Heal Day

trees enveloped feet moving slowly along the trail eyes allow gazing as they please mind buzzing memories push their way up determination pushes them back down the argument of State and Beinginess wars on body stillness on the rock the war rages on the body holds the space moving back back to home a wasted […]

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Hey, How’s It Goin? As the transfixed moon gazes its tranient light to the startled by surpirse, all light becomes stolen toward the grand eye, all beauty shifts to the sky, no wandering gaze to find her elsewhere for it is night and darkness befalls the scene and the seen.  Then end of the light […]

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