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Hey, How’s It Goin?

In answer to your query “How do you beat cynicism?”, here is my reply:

It’s a lense.

Webster defines it along the lines of scornful jaded negativity, distrust of integrity and/or motives.

Understand its gift. If you never questioned yourself, if you never looked askance at your flight plan off the roof with a bedsheet, if you never looked for thorns in the rosebush — you create an immense amount of extra pain and work for yourself.

When you understand the benefit, you start to notice how and why you’re using it.

And then you have the freedom to choose different ways to meet those needs.

Maybe there’s a good reason not to trust yourself. Maybe you do need a watchful eye to keep you from running wild. Great!

Now you can craft a “both and” approach.

Map out your wild scheme, then put on the cynical lense and give it a run through.

Take off the lense and merge the two into an awesome plan that will work great, avoid unnecessary pain, and minimize effort.

It’s a tool. Give it a useful job to do. Understand it’s just a lense that you can put in the drawer and stop using anytime you like.


Think of your subconscious mind like a search engine.

Whatever you feed it, it scampers off to find for you.

So if your default is “what’s wrong with me?”, that’s all the search engine can find.

You have the override power and its embarrassingly simply – “what’s right with me?”. Again, your subconscious scampers off .. but not at first.

At first it spits up auto-responses like “nothing”. You have to prime the pump a bit.

Am I breathing? Yup. Heart and lungs are going right. Have I heard from my 3rd toe lately? Nope?: Cool, everything’s going right there too. Can I see the screen? Holy crap there’s a million things going right for THAT to happen! wowza!

What else is right with me?

How simple was that shift for you?
You have full power to change lenses however you see fit.

hope that helps!

love & hugs & farting mugs,

~ Michelle

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