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Hey, How’s It Goin?

You mentioned downsizing. Downsizing is naturally exhausting. It’s a thousand decisions stuffed into a small window of time. It’s a release of emotional attachments to objects – for real and made up reasons.

Some things I’ve come across along the way that are helpful:

Does it spark joy?
Does it support who I am now and who I am becoming?
And for you situation – does it support who we are becoming?

Creating ways to break up the decision fatigue – stopping every 20min for 5min to play the piano, or do something restorative that requires no decision (the pomodoro approaches / tomato-timer).

Creating some kind of reward when an area is accomplished to pull in the happy brain chemical reward system as biological incentive.

You’ll seee a bunch of articles about “decision fatigue” as a hard stop but I’m not convinced the studies have all been replicated and held to the true definitions of the scientific method.

There are perfectly enjoyable decisions people make all day long.  For 17 years I spent 40+ hours a week making thousands of micro-decisions all day long toward a goal.  I got hungry.  I got tired.  But I didn’t get decision fatigue.

Where decision fatigue came in to play was downsizing – deciding what to let go.  It was fatiguing to my system because the internal process was exhausting.  Attachments, reasons, memories, swimming against those current to hurry up and finish the box I was going through.

So I started with a frame of mind, and power questions along the lines of what was shared above.  And then I’d keep a watchful eye.  As soon as it started to feel even slightly “ugh”, I’d take a micro-break.  Move my body, recalibrate my brain, and start fresh on the tasks at hand.

Hope this sparks some ideas for you to craft your own methods!

Love & Hugs & Tilted Mugs,

~ Michelle