I Am Feeling Loved In and Out Of Time

feeling loved in and out of time

Needa Hug?

Loving Yourself?

What if “loving yourself” isn’t the answer?  Or what if it isn’t the full answer?  What if all the “trying to” is a fail’s errand?  What if “doing” is short lived and the rubber band keeps snapping you back to the Old Way?

What if there’s a rolling mashmallows downhill better way?

I Am Feeling Loved In and Out Of Time

“I now command my subconscious mind into I am feeling loved in and out of time.”


There was a day I realized that, for me, love was a state of being rather than an action.

For me, the actions flowed naturally from the feeling-state.

I Am Feeling Loved In and Out Of Time (raw)

This was the game changer for me.

No more “trying to love myself”.
No more flogging myself for failing to love myself.

All I had to do was create the state of “feeling loved”.

I’d felt it before, so I knew what it felt like.  So when I told my brain to pull it from the files, it was like “sure! no problem, I’ll run and get that for you right now.” Brains love to serve us!!

Feeling Loved

I Am Feeling Loved In and Out Of Time C

I am loved.

I am love.

I am feeling love.

I am feeling loved.

I am loving.

Day by day I played around with around with the wording.  I’d been running experiments for a while, so the structure was already in place.

  • State it once while I was falling asleep at night.
  • Write it with intention in the morning.
  • Wander off into my day.

I was already doing “What went well today?” evening check-in’s (a variant of Martin Seligman “What went well and why?”). (The goal being “why”, or, rather “why did it go well”?, would help you notice how you had direct influence and impact on what went well.  For me it was a brain-trap thinking into it like that.  The connections were noticed through my natural propensity for difuse awareness and self-awareness and why’ing myself to oblivion was wasting my time so I crafted what worked for me.  Write down what went well.  Enjoy the bubbles floating up thereafter of how I had been a part of it all.)

Eventually I landed on these words as my particular sweet spot.  A sentence that resonated completely and brought insta-state-shift.  And it passed the “over time” test – in that the response was consistent over time, after the newness settled itself down.

“I now command my subconscious mind into I am feeling loved in and out of time.”

This prefix “I now command my subconscious mind” is a full on Tony Robbin’s creation.  Full Credit his way for that gem.

The post-fix “… in and out of time.” arose when I noticed that “… in this moment” “… right now” were “out of time” states and as soon as I was back in time, I was back to the Old Way. And “all the time” was leaving out all the timeless states.

Now I know the “into” is a grammarian’s nightmare. May I explain? The subsconscious hears differently than the conscious speaks, and words are dropped along the way.  I could dress up the order with “… to go into the/a state of…”, but it’s a cleaner command to drop it all ahead of time.

Two weeks later during my evening check-in I did a look-back to see what had shifted since I had started playing with this concept.

I was astonished.

Everything was affected.
I did these super small “set it and forget it” actions and the payoff was exponential.


I wasn’t “trying” to do anything.
I was simply wandering around the planet with the perspective that I am feeling loved.

The “therefore’s” were auto-magic.

I am feeling loved therefore …

this is the obivous choice,
those are the words someone who feels loved would say when this or that boundary needs to be drawn,
this is where I go,
this is who I spend my time with

… when I am in the state of feeling loved.

Dear Skeptics:
Yes, you’re never going to believe me.  I am certain you’ve read all manner of nonsense on the internet and are itching to click away from this drivel even as you read this.
You’re just going to have to do your own version of what I did for 2 weeks and prove me wrong.
Or maybe you’ll discover it’s a new brain-toy. Who knows?

You will.  In two weeks.
Let me know, kay?

I am completely open to the possibility that I was dropped here by aliens and that things that work for me will never work for any other human on the planet.  Incidentally, my mother vehemently disagree’s.  It turns out that 36hr of labor is never forgotten experience.  And we are both honored to have made it out alive and be scampering about the planet for a spell.

Over Time

Protein or pizza party?

Pizza Party – yum!  I’ve had my fill.  I’m good for a while.
Yes, I could have used ice cream or s’more’s, but pice pream party sounds stupid and I can’t even attempt to spell s’more’s with a p my ped would pexplode.

Protein – yum!  I’ve had my fill, but I need more tomorrow and the next day and so forth.
Ongoing Maintenance.

For me, it was a hibred.

I could ride the Pizza Party wave for quite a while, but when things outside of my control got too wonky, it was Protein Time.

So I pulled up my best lazy-mode solutionator, and created a commercial.

I Am Feeling Loved In and Out Of Time D

“I now command my subconscious mind into I am feeling loved in and out of time.”

(apologies for the burp in the audio)