Reversing Overwhelm

reversing overwhelm

Needa Hug?

Rate your overwhelm with a visual.  Is it more toward:
rate scale
Can you sense your body?
if no, take a nice deep breath in
and … let it all go

Will your mind be hard to settle?
if yes, add counting to the gazing below
(e.g. to 30 once)

Your eyes land on one image over the others.
Gaze with soft eyes while you receive the energy session.

Reversing Overwhelm A
Reversing Overwhelm B
Rate your overwhelm.

If still more toward system overload, add the audio to your gazing.

((add recording))

Rate your overwhelm.
rate scale
If still more toward system overload, add expressive body movement.


Rate your overwhelm.

Repeat whatever you like however you like.
including your own visual’s or audio’s if you like

Take back your power.

Make it your own.
rate scale
Feel this process happening inside you.

Allow resonance.

Power Restored – to the best capacity you have in this moment.
Curing Overwhelm

Rate your power.

When the power outshines the disappeared’ing overwhelm, it’s time for action.


What is the best next empowered thing you will do?
Best Next Empowered Thing


And the step after that?

Introvert Mode:  Lend an ear to inner knowing of the way.

Extrovert Mode: Call forth the counsel of your hero’s, mentor’s, teachers in meditative form and create dialog.  Remembering to thank them as they disperse.

inner knowing of the way ~ counsel of hero's mentor's teacher's