Feeling Down? Re-Find Your Motivation

Wild Word Seeds

(Jan 28, 2018)
comment on a post What activities do you practise that you consider “therapeutical”, to regain your personal motivation when you are feeling down?

First, I peer into they “why” of “feeling down” – and sometimes it’s as simple as a glass of water. (minor dehydration messes with my brain in substantial ways)

I check in with the Physical first – food/nap/movement/etc – in case there’s a quick fix.

I check in with Resistance. Sometimes a quick shot of awareness to a silly notion in my way fixes everything.

I check in with my Why. Something originally got me all motivated about starting. Recognize the long haul, recommit, and tap the Why.

I check in with Life. It’s not always that simple. Feeling down might have nothing to do with the project at hand, but if I keep refusing the acknowledge “the thing” it’s going to keep at me.

Sometimes the physical sensations of “feeling down” need a 45 second “watcher” session. Sometimes I need to calendar a task “journal about “the thing” at 8pm tonight”. Sometimes I just need to get ok with What Is. “I’m feeling down and my motivation is lower than usual and that’s ok I’ll just do the best with what I have to work with right now and trust that a good night’s sleep tonight will bring a better motivational tomorrow.


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