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comment in response to a healthcare post:

I wish I would run for office. I have this whole this figured out. I can fix banking too. In one fell swoop.

We need a 3rd type of Corporate Structure. We have profit, and non-profit. We need “your job is to hold a pile of money for us until we need it do NOT pay yourself a gazillion dollars and do NOT fuck this up ever” Structure.

A few simple regulations would do the trick.

And a grand bi-partisan a 3 houses in a full glorious Yes!” saying If you want to be in banking or insurance, you have to switch or close your business and go something else.

So Easy.

If only I would run for office.

today’s commentary:

I had this idea back in ’08ish when Dem’s were deciding whether they wanted Obama or Clinton.  I was listening to a radio program and I just blurted it out.

The more I thought about it, the more I fell in love with the idea.  Set them up so they HAVE to behave and there aren’t loopholes around it.  If you care about your industry more than you care about $$$, you’d be happy to consider it.  Pondering into not just what your business would look like in 10 years, but what the lives of all American’s would look like in 10 years.  Pondering who you would be if you chose the good of the many over the good of yourself only.

I can’t get anyone to actually have a conversation about it.  They aren’t really listening, they’re just waiting for me to stop talking so they can continue with their complaints about Health Care or Banking or Wallstreet.

It’s easy to implement.  Set up a reasonable deadline for everyone to convert by and a reasonable “out method” if they want to close their business and do something else instead.

Don’t blah blah at me with your “political will” nonsense.  I’ve got that problem fixed too.

Americans for America.  We’ll just start our own lobbying firm on kickstarter.  Set up secure voting on issues, and whatever wins, that’s what we lobby for.

And No.  Absolutely Not.  NO 3rd Party.  Do you want to end up like a 3rd world country?  No.  No you do not.

As soon as you stop the 2 Party System you are electing someone based on > 50% Yes.

That’s what happens in 3rd world countries. 10 people run.  1 dude -I say dude because women don’t generally run for office in 3rd world countries – 1 dude wins with 11% approval.

89% of the people don’t want that leader.  Total bad news.

If you are a democrat and you don’t believe me take note of how many candidates the R’s ran and look up what % preferred the candidate they received.  This is what the General Election would look like if you started setting up >2 mainstream Party’s.

I get the problem you have with the 2 party system.  We have at least 5 points of view trying to be represented by only 2 camps.  It makes everyone want to get engaged and move the party closer to their views in the direction they prefer.  This is a good thing.

But I digress.  Kickstart lobbying firm.

3rd Corporate Structure. (with a way better marketing name)

Start caring about the good of the whole as much as you care about yourself.

And make better decisions about who and how you want to be in the world.

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