Froody Fragments For Akimbo Friends

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Day 99

Froody: to have the quality of being a frood
Frood: “a really amazingly together guy”

“Well guys, you must be so amazingly glad to see me you can’t even find words to tell me what a cool frood I am.”
~ Zaphod Beeblebrox to Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect

“Listen Ford,” said Zaphod, “everything’s cool and froody.”

“You mean everything’s under control.”

“No,” said Zaphod, “I do not mean everything’s under control.
That would not be cool and froody.
If you want to know what
happened let’s just say I had the whole situation in my pocket. OK?”
(where he did, indeed, have an entire spaceship in his pocket)
~ Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Hoppy: “a really together guy”
Sass: know, aware of, met

“Hey, you sass that hoppy Ford Prefect?
There’s a frood who always knows there is towel is.”

((find towel imgs))

Day 90

Day 86

(for some reason it won’t load it)

Song0030.3 I Begin Anew (rhythm)

also, webcam arrived & I (clearly) spent way too long testing settings and lighting

(that won’t load either, hmmm …)

Day 85

Song0030.1 I Begin Anew (singing)

Song0030.2 I Begin Anew (rhythm)

caution .1 is super soft volume so adjust back down before .2