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update 2018-01-14 1:41am
update 2018-01-13 3:31am
Wildly transformative day.  I’m getting some strong intuition that I’m on the wrong track here.  I really don’t want this to become my primary business.

I went to bootstrapper’s school to better launch my new business.  They said “whom do you seek to serve?”  I wasn’t sure.  They said “who do you know right now that you could serve?”

That’s when all this was born.  (Probably October?)

To do it well, I would need to host the party, manage the minutia, and somehow ensure people were feeling their money was “money well spent”.

To do it well, I would need to focus on growth, seeking out the people we haven’t met yet that would be be super excited to have finally found us.

Throughout this 4 year health situation plus 1 year finally on a far better plane – one thing has become abundantly clear.  Some things drain me into a stone by the side of the road, and some things light me up in ways I cannot explain that have zero ill effect on my health.

And when I face the music about hosting the party … I can play cute little mind games around it but the plan I was crafting in my mind – was going to be a drainer.

Is there a non-drainer plan?  That’s the second question.  The first is – does enough someone’s want this enough for me to answer the first question.

(My soul thinks I need to be singing healing tonal chants.  Everyone else things I need to be writing.  And truly, I’ve had a glorious time writing for hours upon hours during the bootstrapper’s workshop. But it ended.  And my net worth (every penny from personal and business) was $5 short of joining the class that followed.

The Vast Connect / Goodness Wellspring had not been “bootstrapped” yet – and had even been cancelled when saw Oasis 2.0 on Brian’s site.

Life was giving me a pile of “nope!”)

Fast forward to today … re-updating my update …

Yesterday it became clear, (and today I’m blessed to be going through a processs that’s bringing even more):

If I’m going to put energy and effort into Marketing, it’s going to be around a Tonal Chant Healing Music something or other room inside the Vast Connect rather than slightly a broader audience of Oasian’s – known and yet to meet – looking for a “Haven Of Light and Truth” as J so eloquently put it.

Yesterday I wrote a list here of “things one would logically do” and forgot to check in with the inner voice who has since said loudly “no”.

My offer still stands if you want to check it out.

On Jan 24th (25th in many time zones) it will be time to decide whether there are enough people interested in helping with the underlying cost or if it’s time to set it up in slack and see how long they let us use it for free.

For me, the difference between the underlying technology I’ve set up is that it is a DREAM to write and edit with ease.  Formatting in delightful, we have emojii’s and links, space as big as you want to make your browser window, phone apps for people on the go, and a shared belief in how people’s data is theirs and is never sold or traded to tracking companies.

Rooms, and sub-rooms.  Bookmarks, private messaging, highy configurable – globally and by personal experience.  And anytime I want, all my posts and comments can be downloaded into a spreadsheet.

Slack is more like trying to have a conversation in fb messenger.  Cramped window, awkward interface. Doable, free for now, has apps & such.

In any case, I miss our snark-free, sarcasm-free, attack-free, judgement-free time together.

And I miss miss miss our global energy field of goodness, beauty, truth, and light.

Below are all the happy words I’ve been reworking since Nov 14th …
(I can’t read them with you, I’ll start redoing them for the gazillionth time.)

~ Wellsprings, Waterfalls, Oceans of
Beauty, Goodness, Truth ~

“Be Excellent To Each Other”
And party on in your enlightened conscious development, you shiny lights.

Co-creating Upward Spirals
Adapting Up To Head~Heart~Harmony Oneness
Play-Full With Us At 100% Responsibility

We’d rather be kind than right.
And doormats of “nice” is different than empowerments of kind.
Integrity Moral~Compass Honor
Gentleness Flow Uplifting~ness

What would it be like to have a choir of Energy Angels In Human Form at your back as you go about your day?

What would it feel like to have Wellsprings of Goodness, Beautiful Energies, Havens of Light and Truth to visit 24/7?

How would your health, happiness, enjoyment~of~life~to~the~fullest increase when you have access good inspiring relationships with other shining lights?

If you are reading this page it is highly likely you have already been hand selected to be here.  It is highly likely that someone saw in you the kind of person we’d love to get to know, upward spiral with, and share our lives through the eyes of gratitude, love, joy, Beautiful States.

Here’s a sneak-peek at our Code Of Character.

Take a moment to check in with how your inner “yes!” is resonating.  If this is the first time you’ve encountered anything like this, it might be hard to picture.

It’s kind of like facebook, instagram, and twitter without the ads, without the negativity, politics, religion, or a barrage of meme’s you can’t possibly all put on your fridge.

It’s people who gave up or never wanted to engage in sarcasm or snark in the first place.  People who want a higher experience of human relating with one another.  People who care about growth alongside holding higher states of resonance as they flow through life.  People on paths of meditation or energy healing practices who understand that psychological development is just as key to their journey through.

Seeing the good, the blessings, facing the bad, working through it, and emerging yet another More True Me iteration.

No one is tracking you.  All your data is yours.  You can easily download it at anytime.  Everyone honors the private safe space.  And everyone is there by invitation only.

Our data is as safe as the person using the least secure password let’s it be.

I’m sure you’ve got more questions, so click the link below.  If you’re here because you’ve already found your “yes!” with us, click the link below.

It’s not for everyone.  And I wish you well where-ever life leads you.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out The Vast Connect and all its wellsprings of goodness.

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