The Vast Connect

The Vast Connect is Space for Divine~State

Space: to breathe and move and engage in upward spirals
Divine~State: heart, mind, measurably synchronized breathe

What Is The Global Online Continuous Divine~State Party?

be excellent to each other!
and party on in our enlightenment and conscious development dude

~ Divine State ~ The Global Online Party ~ Exquisite State ~

Beautiful State is the term Tony Robbins uses to define the state of your physical brain and physical heart in sync.

Physically measured by watching the EEG and EKG switch from jagged to round and the lines become in synch.(1)

There are many ways to “in” to Beautiful State.  Oh look!  Here are a few now:

  • love, joy
  • gratitude, appreciation
  • awe, playfulness
  • ease, drive
  • creativity, curiosity
  • caring, growth

Sweet!  So what’s a girl to do?  Check her trusty Thesaurus named Roget from 1987? but of course!
The word exquisite leapt from the page and said “you will learn to type me for I am your new party host!”

So of course, Word Nerd could not rest until Webster 1986 joined the Time Travel party.  And viola!  Delightful words appeared before my seeking eyes:

  • carefully selected choice
  • flawless craftsmanship
  • keenly appreciative
  • esoteric appeal (esoteric: knowledge in a small circle)

And then I knew.  I knew it was more than just Q.
(ah, Q, such a delightful letter!)
It was:

  • Crafting flawless choices.
  • Choices to enter Equisite~State whenever you please.
  • An appreciative undertaking that but a small circle of the 7 billion humans alive will ever say Yes! to.

Aren’t brains fun!
Justifying emotive choices with all their research and logic.
Such delightful little creatures running our adorable little Avatar bodies.

But Wait … before I inflict “un-spellable un-prounounable easily mistaken for random definitions” words on the world …

How does this Exquisite/Beautiful State feel inside my body?

::: Divine :::

It feels like Divinity. 
Transcended into a Divine Place.

Divine: “of the very best kind” says Webster online (hey, a stodgy girl can upgrade once in a while, right?)

Perfect.  Divine State it is.

Let’s Get It Started In Here

Before I learned about Beautiful State, I was a contributor.  Contributing to Upward Spirals of Divine State happening in an online community called the Oasis.(2)

The Gratitude Group evolved into an Eyes of Gratitude Group where people were sharing their lives, their day, their stories through the eyes of gratitude.

The whole forum was a magical space of Higher Relating, Higher Living, and Upward Spirals of Divine State.

I wanted it to last forever!

So when the opportunity take the reins and pull a Phoenix Rising appeared before my eyes, how could I resist?

Here We Go!

Hi, I’m Michelle.
I am a Professional Party Host for Divine~State.

(~ the squiggle? ~ I just like the squiggle! ~ a sideways quater-rest-note? ~ half of infinity? ~ I don’t know, I just like the squiggle ~)

I Host online Space for the Global Continuous Party.

Upward Spirals! Enjoying! Expressing! Sharing Together!

In addition, I host Party Space for:

  • ongoing gatherings for Leaders,
  • and temporary online classrooms for Teachers

who want to:

  • be excellent to each other!
  • and party on in our enlightenment and conscious development dude.

Upward Spirals! Enjoying! Expressing! Sharing Together!

More To Come …




being excellent to each other

And party on in your enlightenment & conscious development dude





(1)  The Tim Ferriss Show Transcripts: Tony Robbins on How to Resolve Internal Conflict

(2) Oasis was the brainchild of Brian Johnson, author of “Philosopher’s Notes”, and Optimal Living 101 teacher Optimize with Brian Johnson