How To Provide Financial Support

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One time options, subscriptions.
Sales (initiated from this page) are final.

PayPal Account Options

click a link

I feel I’ve received a books worth!
I’d like to provide $18.80 using my account please.

I feel I’ve received the worth of an ebook!
I’d like to provide $8.88 using my account please.

I have a different number in mind.
I’d like to provide a custom amount using my account please.

each link above takes you to a screen

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select a Subscription style from the dropdown

Subscriptions: Monthly or Yearly

You will be taken to the paypal login screen to set up a monthly or yearly subscription.

If you find you need to  for any reason, here is a button for that.

Thanks Again!

My sincerest apologies for the abruptness of the payment processes. As this site grows I will be able to offer the streamlined methods, and options that that don’t require a paypal account.

I Don’t Use Paypal

Select from the dropdown below.
Click Buy Now.
Don’t panic! At the bottom of the paypal login screen is a nifty “Pay with Debit Or Credit Card” button.

I feel I’ve received …

I have a different number in mind, how does that work?

Custom amounts without using paypal can be accomplished through an emailed Invoice.

    You will immediately receive a copy of the initiating email requesting an invoice.
    If you don’t see it, check your spam folder before filling out the form again.
    Please allow up to 24 hours for the Invoice email to arrive.  (Invoices are created by hand at this time).


    Can I subscribe without using paypal?

    Not at this time, but I am jumping up and down all excited that you asked!