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Code Of Character

Bill & Ted said it best …

“Be Excellent To Each Other”

and party on in your enlightened conscious development you shiny lights

Co-creating Upward Spirals
Moving Up To Head~Heart~Harmony ‘Ono
Play-Full With Us At 100% Responsibility

We’d rather be kind than right.
And doormats of “nice” is different than empowerments of kind.
Integrity Moral~Compass Honor
Gentleness Flow Uplifting~ness

Clarifying Specifics

/ rockin the same page.

If you’re like “yeah yeah, I get it!” please skip to the Summary list at the bottom for the summary version of the things you already know you want to say “yes!” to.

Integrity, Moral Compass, Honor
Gentleness, Flow, Uplifting~ness

Integrity, Moral Compass, Honor – the “Please Avoid’s” section is going to read like a list of ‘thing’s you’d never do anyway”. Discussion Guidelines, Please Avoid’s Section

Gentleness, Flow, Uplifting~ness is a subtle weaving throughout.  Kindness is more gentle than rightness.  Flow moves around instead of taking out or taking down, Upliftingness is a point of view that we’re here to lift each other up in our Best Selves, even when we’re having a rough day and calibrating up seems impossible when we log in.

We’d rather be kind than right.

And doormats of “nice” is different than empowerments of kind.  You may even still hear Wayne Dyer’s voice in your head saying one of his variations on this idea.

Choosing kindness is different than choosing to be a doormat.  It’s ok to be a separate person with a separate point of view.  The key is in the “what next?” of noticing that.

See the way you’d like to be seen.
Hear in the way you’d like to be heard.
Feel in the way you’d like to be felt.
Understand to the best of your capacity, in the way you’d love to be understood.

It’s a core need the outside world isn’t very good at filling.
So The Vast Connect wants to take that hole in the world and fill it with Goodness Wellsprings.

Seen, heard, felt, understood – from a place of neutral witnessing.

That’s another level entirely.  And we’ve created a space to practice that with each other.

Enlightened Conscious Development, dude

Have you ever heard stories of the enlightened guru’s whose character caught up with them and the whole thing blew up in a big way?

All “enlightenment” does is take everything you are now, and amplify it. High levels of meditative states achieved by mastering lower and lower brain wave frequencies change nothing about the human achieving them.  (And can even make them worse if the practice goes the way of pushing aside things that really do require our conscious attention at some point.)

Conscious development, psychological growth, personal growth and development – this is where we change from one iteration of More True Me to the next.

Why the term “More True Me”?

When a little kid is age 2, they have the same body as when they are age 5 – except it’s a completely different body!  They weren’t any less of a human, or any less of a body than at age 2. It’s simply a matter of physical growth and 3 years of learning.  A new “iteration” if you will.

The same happens with our minds, our consciousness, or full capacity.  Still Me. A new iteration.  More True Me than when I was 2, and I’ll be a different iteration of More True Me 20 years from now.


(not really a fan of that term, but it’s the term “everyone kind of knows what it means”, so let’s set aside my pedantic soapbox for now!)

Shadow locks capacity.  It takes energy and inner resources to avert the yuck (and the goodness) within.  This process creates a false capacity.

As we’re moving through life sometimes we bump up against that false capacity.  We can’t grow anymore. We’re stuck.  We’ve run out of runway.  Out of energy and inner resources … or so we think!

Reclaiming the “averted selves” reclaims the energy and resources they were using up.  Voila! We can grow again!

Back to our fallen guru example.

The guru failed to work the More True Me path alongside the enlightenment path.  It caught up with them.

You, shiny light, hoping to hang out in the Goodness Wellspring wing of The Vast Connect, will never be that guru!  You are tending both gardens – spiritual development and psychological development, enlightenment and conscious development, more powerful in your energy presence / energy gifts garden and the moral compass / high integrity / More True Me garden.

Apologies that took so long, I saved the shorter ones for last …

Co-creating Upward Spirals

We’ve all experienced upward spirals with people and downward spirals.  Natural part of life.  We’re not always at our 100% fully resourced ready to take on the world heights.  It’s why we eat, sleep, meditate, enjoy nature, spend time with family and friends – to re-source.

We Go First.
We notice the downward spiral, take the breath, and say within “ok, this stops with me.  What’s the next best move toward an upward spiral?”

Next best move that honors self and honors other.  We’re done with doormat mode.  Done turning ourselves into pretzel’s.  Done pushing others aside to get our way.

Doing our best along those types of approaches, paths, and higher levels of relating.

Goodness Wellspring isn’t about perfection or pretending to be perfect – it’s about movement toward More True Me.

Adapting Up To Head~Heart~Harmony ‘Ono

There are more details (origins/science) in the About section on h3o but you already know it from many different ways in.

It’s the experience of your head and your heart physically in synch when you spend a few moments meditating on things you are grateful for, in moments of joy, memories of lovingness, when nature pulls you in to awe, when playfulness overtakes your being.  You might even be shifting there now reading about it.

Play-Full With Us At 100% Responsibility

100% Responsibility liberates us from blame-shame cycles, opens solution, and empowers connection.  When everyone takes the point of view “I am 100% responsible for what’s going on here” there is no room for shifting or shirking, there is only room for our best “Solutionator” to step up and solve for X.  (Solution + a play on words with “terminator”)

I first learned about this from the work of Gay and Katie Hendricks.

Thanks For Reading All 1,083 Words

I know that didn’t really read much like a “Code Of Conduct”.

I hope it gave you a sense of what we’re aiming for within the community.

Here’s something more definitive and easier to refer back to:

Code Of Character

  • we are mindful of our inner dialogue
  • we stop ourselves from shoulding on ourselves or others
  • we use language that offers honor, kindness, and ownership
  • we’d rather be kind than right
  • we understand that kind is different from niceness and “doormatcy”
  • we love that it’s ok to have differing points of view!
  • we listen to understand from other perspectives
  • we desire to honor the light in every one of us – even when it’s a rough day and we notice yours is a bit dimmer than usual
  • we stop ourselves short of fixing each other but we’re not above offering a cup of Goodness Wellspring when you share with us that your inner resources are low, “would you like an Energy Blessing? a cyber-hug? my ideas to help you find your inner solve?”
  • we practice asking for what we need – and sometimes that includes asking help in finding what we need
  • we practice 100% Responsibility
  • we get that sometimes you just need to “get it all out” – and we have a special area for de-weeding the garden of Who We Are Now and Who We Are Becoming

mostly …

  • we’re here to create upward spirals
  • we’re here for h3o ~ HeadHeartHarmony ‘Ono
  • we’re here to have fun! enjoy each other, and get re-Sourced to the fullness of life