Fire and Sand

when shifting sands ignite

Poetic Prose Of The Soul Word Art

Image Credit – Michelle C. Basey combo of Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash and Photo by Daphne on Unsplash

when shifting sands ignite
presence meets the moment in a bittersweet array

there is no time but now
and in that time we find it all

the all of everything
right here
right now

there is nothing else but now
in now there is nothing

nothing and everything

the subtle heartbeat of creation grows louder with each heartbeat
asking to arise
asking for this moment
asking for to fill the now until it is complete

we cannot always comply
but the ask is there when we return
in that place of subtle listening
hearing the subtle heartbeat of creation itself
seeking our attend
whispering its goodness in our subtle ear
like a lover seeking the soul of our opened eyes