Vital Ghosts

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Magnet for darkness, repulsor of light, the black hole cleansed the universe of the dark forces that continued to propagate in the south eastern corner of the 12th dimensional quadrant of the 4th star from the center of all things in 3rd dimensional existence.

As it moved to and fro like a vacuum bouncing off dark matter walls, the Gereneferols sequenced the trajectory, retreated their planet to the farthest point, and retained their dark forces at all times. For if they perish, so does all light in the universe.

No one knows this. No one understands their vital role. If discovered they would be destroyed. Fear overriding logic. No chance to explain, to plead their case, highlight their cause. All light would be lost forever.

Vital Ghosts hunted by a blackhole PacMan


Photo by:

Kamesh Vedula