New Year’s Wish For You

Poetic Prose Published Word Art

Life brings us moments big and small.

Some we cherish, some we never recall.

Life brought you here, to this place, to this time, to these words.

Your own unique thread of the universe, one that’s yours and yours alone, brought you here into this moment. To cherish or ignore.

To drink in the aliveness of being alive.
Or to pass on by with other things on mind.

Both are good and valid. Each serve their place for you well. Each take you where you need to be.

Is there joy inside you?
Has there ever been?
Can you touch it, taste it, feel it in your bones, can you glimpse it once again?

Is there anything enjoyable in this moment?

The temperature, the fabric against your skin, the food you are tasting, the drink you are sipping, the hand you are holding, the toe that’s so content it hasn’t pulled your mind in ages?

Thoughts? Emotions? Ponderings? Silence?
Silence of sound? Or even silence of mind?

Maybe you’re like me right now — grasping for a thought that has no means of entering the third dimension in any ‘make sense’ sort of way. Maybe you’re enjoying something you cannot possibly express. Now or even ever.

Wherever you are with your joy, however you’re experiencing life and self and other in this moment, I wish you well. In all the ways that “well” has meaning for you.

I wish you steady knowing calm within, unless you love the waves.

I wish you all the best, in all the ways “best” has meaning for you.

I wish you kindness with self. In every way and all the ways kindness with self seeks opportunity to exist alongside you, in and around you, enveloped and surround you. Bringing you all the gifts it has to offer in all the ways you’re able to receive.

May the past hold fond memories, worthy lessons, and gratitude for all you’ve become up til now.

May the future bring your grandest visions fully formed into the now, and gratitude for all you’ve yet to become.

The fullness, the allness, the aliveness of all you’ve yet to become and are becoming now.