The Double Heal Day

Poetic Prose Word Art

trees enveloped
feet moving slowly along the trail
eyes allow gazing as they please

mind buzzing
memories push their way up
determination pushes them back down
the argument of State and Beinginess wars on

body stillness on the rock
the war rages on
the body holds the space

moving back
back to home
a wasted trip
a torrid monster
unable to appreciate
unable to enjoy the blessings all around

a halting
a looking back
a noticing, a witnesses of the war
no longer in it
promoted to director’s chair

ah yes!  my tools
the neural-rewrite begins

tigger emerges
her essence bouncing all through the forest
in a minds eye
everything changes

bouncy bouncy
continuing her joyous healing

she lands herself inside me
well, in her tigger bounce way
in, above, in, above

the driveway comes and goes
no turning in
alas, the seawall begs my presence

And I am greeted with the most magnificent colors I have ever seen bouncing off the water.

everything was perfect – the sky, the wind, the tide, the wave sounds
mesmurising, cleansing, opening, opening, opening

into the depths
for the unearthing
then into the vastness
to complete the rebirthing